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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

After receiving your new tattoo, it is very important to follow these instructions:

  1.  Your artist will cover up your tattoo in a clear plastic wrap when they are finished.  This is to help collect all the blood and ink and to help keep it clean.  I advise to keep it on for 1-4 hours.

  2. Remove the plastic wrap BUT BEFORE touching your tattoo; wash your hands with antibacterial soap and warm water.

  3. Once your hands are clean, gently rinse your tattoo with warm water – NOT hot water – making sure to remove all the blood and ink from your tattoo.  DO NOT SCRUB YOUR TATTOO!  Pat the tattoo dry with a clean sterile towel.

  4. Allow your tattoo to air dry for the remainder of the day.  DO NOT re-bandage the tattoo!

  5. It is very important to keep your tattoo clean for the next few weeks.  I recommend to dry heal your tattoo if possible.  This is because ointment is often applied to frequently and too thick resulting in the tattoo becoming too moist and allows airborne particles/etc to stick to the tattoo and potentially cause an infection.

  6. If your tattoo becomes too dry, you can apply a THIN layer of an antibiotic/triple antibiotic/A&D ointment once or twice a day.

  7. After a week or two you can switch to an unscented lotion.  I recommend Lubriderm Unscented lotion.

DO NOT do any of the following for at least one month:               

Go swimming or sit in a hot tub

Bathe for an extended period of time (make it as quick as possible)

Go tanning or expose your tattoo to the sun for an extended period of time

Pick at, itch, scrub, or scratch your tattoo

DO take regular showers and keep your tattoo clean

DO contact Underground Ink with any questions  

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions: Tattoo Services
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